Home Inspection Repairs

Helms Electric has been servicing the Harford County for the past 28 years, troubleshooting electrical problems, completing home inspections and follow-up repairs.

Most major issues and power outages are due to problems within the home, independent from the power grid. It’s imperative that we find the problem and provide a solution. Whether you are buying a new property in the Harford County area or your home is nearing the 40-year mark for an electrical inspection, Helms Electric can provide an inspection as well as any required wiring and repairs.

Code Compliant Inspections

We have the experience to help you comply with inspection issues and code compliance reports. Depending on the jurisdiction, a home inspection is required before a homeowner can list your home for sale. It is widely a recommended practice as well.

Expect a quick turnaround of your inspection, with our specialists going over every part of the property’s electrical system while assessing its condition and pinpointing any problem areas. A detailed report will cover the inspection, providing repairs for current issues and proactive solutions that will secure the health of the electrical system.

Helms Electric offers free estimates with your inspection, with our dedicated team tackling even the most complicated electrical issues. Contact us today.