Panel Upgrades & Circuit Installation

Without an operational electric panel, you can’t turn on lights, run appliances or regulate the temperature of your home. That gray, rectangular box mounted on a utility, closet or basement wall is probably your electric panel, although some electric panels are located in garages or even outside your home.

If you don’t know the exact installation date of your electrical panel, you might as well expect problems with your home’s electric current. Flickering lights, breakers tripping and melted wires indicate an aging and potentially dangerous electric panel. Signs of a deteriorating electric panel include corrosion on the panel and/or breakers, appliances operating inefficiently and crackling noises emitted by your electric panel.

Living in a newer home doesn’t mean your electric panel box doesn’t pose a fire risk. Keep your family and your home safe by calling us today for a professional assessment of your electric panel.

Circuit Installation

Upgrading your business’s or home’s circuits prevents interruptions in electricity and potentially dangerous overloads causing overheated wires and connections. Circuit overloads can occur at anytime due to aging, faulty or corroded wiring that should have been upgraded years ago. In addition, outdated outlets will eventually fail to handle expected electrical capacities, a serious problem significantly increasing the risk of electrical fires.

Helms Electric wants to keep your electricity running smoothly by providing affordable replacement of your circuit breakers, outlets and other components supporting safe, efficient transfer of electricity throughout your home or business. Don’t take chances with aging circuits that could spark and overheat at any time. Call us today for an expert evaluation your circuitry and a free estimate for replacing unstable circuits.